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Virtual 3D Concept Visualization and Design.

Are you a custom motorcycle or car builder? Do you visualize your designs before you build them? Does your visualization consist of hand drawn sketches on bar napkins? Do you lose money and time changing directions in the middle of a build? Do you wish you could see your design as if it were real before you ever start building it? Do wish you could make critical decisions before they come up on the shop floor? Well if you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you understand what we are here to do for you. Save money, time and stress with pre-build visualizations.

Visualization has been around for ages as one of the most important stages of any build. No matter who you are and how experienced, what you see in your head is not what you get in reality. By the time you overcome all the unforeseen hurdles, that every custom project encounters, the design can sometimes change more than you might like. The advantage of deeply comprehensive visualizations is that they afford you the ability to deal with 95% of the issues a custom build presents before wasting material, time and nerves.

Visualizations of the caliber we offer, approach the level of CAD engineering without being so technical. We can take your napkin sketches and pick your brains to grasp your vision and then bring it to life as a 3D virtual build. We can show you your idea in all it's glory before you get to building the real thing, then tweak it to your hearts desire until you have exactly what you want. Now when you do the actual build, you know exactly what to do because your vision is clear and precise. You'll save time, money and be able to do more bikes in less time for a lower cost.

Virtual means it doesn't exist in reality but it does exist as numbers, somewhere in cyber-someplace. 3D means 3 Dimensional, and virtual 3D is a digital version of 3 dimensional space in which one can create whatever the imagination can conceive. Once output to a final rendering, a virtual 3D model can look so incredibly real, and yet it's not. We apply this process to all types of designing from motorcycles, parts, and variety of other products.

Our concept designs exist only on hard drives and originated as sketches on dozens of pieces of anything that could drawn on. Then the vision is created in the virtual 3D world and the 3D model brings the product to life. That's the beauty of virtual 3D design—you see what you are going to build beforehand and the build it exact to your liking. Since the virtual designs are computer files, you can store unused versions, save unused ideas for details that spring up during the design process for future designs. You can even design multiple concepts or version of a concept, at one time.

Imagine the value that this virtual build process could be, as a very valuable tool for the custom builder who is looking for a way to reduce build times and costs considerably with one simple solution.



My name is Bogdan Asciu, and everyone calls me Bo. For 20 years I have been in a variety of areas in the graphics and design industries. As an illustrator, where I am most in my element, I have always had a love for the artisty of custom vehicles, from cars to motorcycles. Illustrators generally have a natural ability to visualize spatial concepts easily. I combined those artistic 'eyes' with my love of customs rides and thus the name CUSTOM EYES CONCEPTS.

Combining traditional artistry with Digital 3D and applying it to custom bike designing, I've discovered a new area of artistic expression. I don't do it for the money, I do it just because I really enjoy designing and building these virtual, wheeled sculptures. I get tremendous enjoyment out of creating these virtual concepts and they have been very well received by a multitude in the industry. My ultimate inspiration has been the immensely positive and encouraging responses I get to all my work.

As time goes on, I will create and use actual parts from known vendors, such as motors and transmissions, grips, pegs and frames, and incorporate them into my virtual builds. In this way I hope to provide cross promotion for the manufacturers of these components and maybe, just maybe, get some sponsorship to help me build my first Custom Eyes Concepts hot rod bike!

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The following galleries contain proprietary vehicle designs and client project designs. Be sure to read through the descriptions in each gallery for details about each design and client related features, respectively.



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