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South Side Kustoms Untouchable Bobber Breast Cancer Special Edition
Special Image Credit: "Ship Yard" backplate courtesy of HDRI Locations at
SPECIAL PROJECTS :: WORKING with South Side Kustoms To Fight Breast Cancer
It is always nice to be able to join a team doing something good for someone else. In this case, CEC3D was commissioned by South Side Kustoms in Buffalo, New York, to recreate an SSK award winning custom cruiser, The Untouchable Bobber. The problem was that SSK didn't have any Untouchable Bobbers just laying around that could be mocked up as the Special Edition Breast Cancer version. In order for SSK to show the bike in full dress and paint, the entire actual bike was recreated in virtual 3D at CEC3D and then rendered in true realism. This way potential buyers could see the bike without SSK having to build another Untouchable Bobber until one sold. This allows SSK to redirect the money that would have gone into a build without a buyer, and focus it on promotions of the bike.

The bike is for a good cause so CEC3D did the work, over 300 hrs of 3D modeling and rendering, as a charitable investment. If it helps to save lives, CEC3D is always willing to do what they can to be a part of that effort. CEC3D and SSK come together once again, proving collaboration is the way to go to do great things.

Check out more pics in the gallery. Then go over to South Side Kustoms to purchase the Untoucble Bobber Breast Cancer Special Edition. Only 20 will be made so get on it!!

For more info call SSK today at 1-800-675-3191 or go to the SSK web site

For more info about the Divas For A Cure program, go to their web site at

SPECIAL PROJECTS :: Teaming up with South Side Kustoms
Out of incidental circumstances comes a collaborative effort that makes perfect sense. We have teamed up with South Side Kustoms in Buffalo, New York, to introduce a new SSK production custom design. The Valiant II Evolution started out as a custom concept that I had created for myself. It's personal preference design, featuring styling with old skool touches and some early years bobber styling. I'm a big springer fan and that was the obvious choice for this design, befitting the old skool feel. I hadn't intended on it to ever be built but after an interesting and fateful occurrence via Facebook with Jason McCudden from South Side Kustoms, the Valiant II is now a reality and it's actually affordable! South Side Kustoms engineers and builds the Valiant per order and each one is a little bit different with options available to the consumer.

SSK is a serious custom shop with a serious history of designing and building awesome bikes. Frequently on the covers of a spread of biker mags every year, they are also incredibly charitable and put in a great effort every year to bring some joy, or food, or help to someone out there that really needs it. We can't be happier and more grateful to be working with South Side Kustoms in this manor and hope for a long and healthy future working together.

For more info call SSK today at 1-800-675-3191 or go to the SSK web site here.

SPECIAL PROJECTS :: Product Development Venture
As I write this, Carl Lindstrom of Tri-State Choppers is sizing up the project. A couple of years ago I designed a new suspension concept and eventually presented it to someone. Carl and I got to know each other a couple of years ago and after a quick chat about it, we agreed to give it a whirl. So as of now, the project is under way. I'll be keeping you updated right here and on the new Custom Eyes Concepts Blog coming soon. Check out Carl's shop web site TriState Choppers.

SPECIAL PROJECTS :: ProCorp Customs Collaborative
We are on another adventure. We're currently partnering up with Metal Mafia Customs in Florida to produce promotional custom theme bikes for large corporate marketing projects. at the moment, we're working on one of two Las Vegas theme bikes for the Fremont Street Experience "Born To Be Wild" promotion in Las Vegas, Nevada. Check out the project site for more information and sponsorship details. ProCorp Customs.

SPECIAL PROJECTS :: The Fremont Street Custom Theme Bikes
The concept bikes you'll see here were designed specifically for the Fremont Street Experience "Born To Be Wild" promotion in Las Vegas, Nevada. I created these designs to embody the Vegas themes that Fremont Street wanted and yet to do so with some subtlety. The designs were also aimed at keeping the majority of the guts of the bikes stock. Ultimately though both concepts are rather tricked out. The 'PitBoss' is based on the 07 Road Star Warrior and the 'Max Bet' is based on the R-1 sport bike. I am not mentioning the manufacturer unless they want to talk about something :) The 'PitBoss' is currently in the hands of John St. Clair of Florida based 'Metal Mafia Customs'. John is a long time car and bike builder and paint guru. We are currently shopping around for sponsor interest and anticipate the bike to be built for early spring 2010. Check out the galleries and the descriptions of the themes as presented to us by Fremont Street. Check out more info at our collaborative projects site, ProCorp Customs.

Custom Eyes Concepts
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SPECIAL PROJECTS :: Promotional Corporate Designs
Callahan Custom Cycles and Hedonsim II resort in Jamaica are involved in a co-promotional project and they commissioned Custom Eyes Concepts to design the flagship custom motorcycle for the project. The bike and the project are called "The Spirit of Hedonism II" and the web site is called Built as a lifestyle promotion for Hedonism and Callahan Custom Cycles, the webiste features a bike giveaway as an appreciation gift to website members.

Metal Mafia Custom provided the paint for the actual bike. You can see more about this project, see pics of the actual bike and see the beautiful work the Metal Mafia Customs did on the bike.

See more pics of the concept bike in the gallery.

The following galleries contain proprietary vehicle designs and client project designs. Be sure to read through the descriptions in each gallery for details about each design and client related features, respectively.



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